Explanation of how the sounds in my video are recorded



I made a diagram of how to record sound on YouTube.

My YouTube channel is here.


I’m recording sound with line input

Basically, the sound is recorded by line input.

It’s difficult to make a sound at home, but I also record the sound on the line because I don’t want the live sound of the guitar to be included.

At the beginning, I used to input lines directly from the mixer to the camera.

However, when I recorded the fuzz sound, the sound sometimes changed considerably.

So I try to record the sound on my computer and then match it with the video.

Recording software is CUBASE LE

I use it to record sound.

I only applied reverb and did not adjust the sound.

There are many introductions to the sound of effectors, so there is no point in changing the sound.

So basically, I only apply reverb.

By the way, I take the voice and the guitar at the same time.

In the future, I may make some adjustments when shooting performance videos.

Audio interface and mixer YAMAHA AG06